The INGOS Company

The INGOS Company was founded in 2002 as a brand new company focused on providing technical support and consultancy for industrial construction. Inasmuch as investor’s requirements were exceeding offered scope of technical support, INGOS begun to build industrial constructions as a general contractor. Since the company itself was formed on principles of providing technical consultancy, the concept of offering its services to the clients (investors) is based on creating optimal technical solutions not only for construction systems but also for technical equipment and accessories, considering manufacturing technologies.The INGOS Company, as dynamically developing construction company, is transforming its business activities to the higher level and since 2006 it has also been offering development services. This consists of providing overall services from client’s investment project to final hand over of the work into use.



Our Main services:

  • Preparation of investment plan and/or study including the localization
  • Defining all the financial conditions for investment project execution
  • Elaboration of all levels of the design documentation
  • Providing overall engineering service
    (zoning permit, EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), final building approval)
  • Structure erection works
  • Providing complex financial services (short and long term financing)
  • Facility Management